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Rolling River Spirits is a family-owned and operated craft distillery located in Portland, Oregon. Founded in 2011, and with distilling operations beginning in March 2014, the company offers an expanding choice of artisan spirits made from the freshest ingredients. The name is inspired by the many majestic rivers in the Northwest and underscores the importance of pure water in the distillation process.

Rolling River handcrafts their spirits with only the finest ingredients, using organic and non-GMO products when possible. Their Master Distiller, Tim Rickard, personally creates each blend using his own custom-built stills and Portland’s renowned pure water from the Bull Run Watershed.


Winner of multiple gold medals, this aromatic contemporary-style Gin has a delightfully balanced blend of twelve botanicals resulting in an extremely pleasant spirit! Juniper forward, (though not overpowering) with citrus, cardamom, and hints of coriander, star anise, and other spices for a deliciously flavorful and fragrant Gin. 84 proof. Buy Now.


A gold medal winning Vodka with a clean and extremely smooth spirit that is easy on the palate, with a subtle spice lift at the end. Distilled from an organic, non-GMO hard red winter wheat in small batches, using a custom built, reflux style column still; which provides the equivalent of a ten-time distillation, resulting in a quality spirit. 80 proof. Buy Now.


A variation of the infusion of fresh orange habanero peppers brings an upscale heat to our pepper vodka. With the spice-heat of the pepper meticulously adjusted, this spirit brings out all the pepper flavor with an easily-tasted-yet-manageable spicy punch. 80 proof. Buy Now.


Crafted with our award-winning vodka distilled with locally roasted coffee beans from Coava Coffee Roasters of Portland, who provide a custom single-source bean-roasted coffee bringing a bold, rich and chocolaty flavor. The initial vodka is distilled (10X) with a hint of non-GMO organic pure cane sugar, and is then combined with the custom brewed coffee, and again distilled one final time resulting in a smooth, sweet tasting Coffee Spirit.  Enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or blended into a limitless variety of coffee and mocha style drinks. 80 proof. Buy Now.

Honoring a branch of their family's Norwegian heritage, Rolling River Spirits produces some of the largest varieties of hand-crafted Aquavit. From the Latin "aqua" (water) and "vita" (life), these ‘Water of Life’ spirits are made in the traditional way, yet with the added twist of Rolling River's own artisan flavor profiles and preferences. The base Aquavit spirit is from their signature non-GMO organic winter wheat. This is a traditional spirit that is caraway-forward and crafted from an array of botanical spices.  With un-aged and oak-aged variations, Rolling River's creative Aquavit can be sipped neat, paired with different courses of a meal, or featured in unique and compelling cocktails. Buy Now.


Our flagship Aquavit with a Portland twist to a Scandinavian classic; caraway, dill, and fennel combine for a light, spicy, smooth and savory finish. This Aquavit can be served by itself, enjoyed throughout a meal, or can be focused on the beginning of a meal by accompanying breads, cheeses, smoked fish, and other tasty appetizers. We enjoy using this spirit as a marinade for Salmon or other seafood which is then barbecued. 84 proof. Buy Now.


An aged version of ‘Misty Ocean Aquavit’. The caraway, dill and fennel combine to age in French Oak barrels. With this Aquavit, one advances into pairing with the main course and the vast array of side dishes and meats. 84 proof.


Traditional flavored Aquavit, caraway, orange and lemon peel, with our addition of northwest hops. Aged in used rye whiskey barrels, this spirit is an outstanding accompaniment to any meats such as pork, steak, lamb, moose, and elk. Truly a one of a kind pairing choice that can be served at room temperature. 84 proof. Buy Now.


This is an all caraway aquavit aged in used rye whiskey barrels for 2 years. Best sipped neat. 84 proof.


Our own special spirit for the holidays or any special occasion. Based on our Misty Ocean Aquavit, we add cinnamon, cardamom, and allspice. An outstanding choice for the dessert course or an after the meal spirit. 84 proof.   


We take the Holiday Aquavit a step further by aging the spirit in used cab-franc wine barrels, thus creating a special treat for those cold winter nights. Here the 'sweet' profile from the cinnamon, cardamom, and allspice, combine with a hint of wine from the barrel to create a spirit like none other! 84 proof.

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