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Swallowtail Spirits Distillery is located in Springfield, Oregon, not far from the glacier-fed waters of the McKenzie River.  This beautiful land provides both the inspiration and the raw materials for Swallowtail’s spirits.  Using spring water that has taken years to filter through the volcanic sediment of the Willamette Lowland Aquifer System, along with Oregon’s abundance of organic grains, fruits, botanicals and white oak, Swallowtail produces exceptional Vodkas, Gins and (new!) Whiskeys.

Launched in 2014, Swallowtail has already received ten international and national awards including Oregon Distillery of the Year from New York International Spirits Competition, and Swallowtail Vodka was also awarded a double gold medal at Seattle International Spirits Competition.


Swallowtail Vodka is a non-GMO corn-based spirit distilled 6 times. This small batch premium vodka stands out for its slight sweet taste and ultra-smooth texture achieved by an extensive filtering process using special carbon fiber filters. Buy Now


Swallowtail Gin is a fabulous American/Contemporary Gin which has won multiple awards. The nose is rich in juniper, but the flavor incorporates hints of cardamom, lime zest, orange peel and lavender. Buy Now.


For the Blackberry Flavored Vodka, we use non-GMO northwest fruits and do not add any artificial flavors, colors or sugar. Instead we let the natural flavor of these local fruits infuse each bottle. Buy Now.


The Raspberry Flavored Vodka has nearly one pound of raspberries infused into each bottle. We use non-GMO northwest fruits and do not add any artificial flavors, colors or sugar. Buy Now.


Our Apple Cider Vodka is a good example of letting the fruit charm us into submission! We use non-GMO regionally grown fruits and never add artificial flavors, colors or sugar. Buy Now.


Silver medal winner from the American Craft Spirits Association, our London Dry Gin is made with juniper, coriander, angelica, grains of paradise and Orris root. It is juniper-forward with a smooth dry feel on your pallet. Buy Now.


Swallowtail's  Navy Strength Gin is 114-proof, dry on the palate with a straightforward Juniper profile. Juniper, coriander and angelica root botanicals are used to flavor the gin. Martini drinkers who prefer a strong dry spirit will LOVE this gin! Buy Now.


The Single Barrel Gin has floral and citrus notes derived from our contemporary gin alongside unique hints of spice, clove and caramel imparted from 3-6 months of aging in Oregon white oak. This is the whiskey lovers gin and uniquely suited for bold cocktails, straight-up, or over ice.


Aged for five years, Swallowtail McKenzie River Wiskey is made primarily from corn to give you that smooth, sweet, whiskey taste that the United States has become so well known for. After 5 years of aging it was finished in King Estate Pinot Noir barrels and balanced to perfection using water sourced from the famed McKenzie River -- well known for its cold, glacial fed, incredibly clean water.  Fisherman and drift boats, like the one pictured on the front, have been a common sight along the McKenzie River for decades. Buy Now.

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