Vivacity Spirits is owned and operated by Caitlin Prueitt and her partner and spouse, Chris Neumann. Caitlin brings not only her passion for distilling, but extensive knowledge in the fermentation sciences with a degree from OSU and deep experience working in wineries, breweries, and lab settings. Operating a craft, microdistillery, her plans are to provide an expanded flavor experience with new and interesting tastes, crafted with locally sourced products. Chris is a master craftsman with a background in all things construction and wood crafted. He takes great pride in the detail oriented aspects of his craft, and has always enjoyed fine spirits. 

In founding Vivacity Spirits, Caitlin and Chris joined their skills and passions, past and present, to create a distilled spirit worth showing off and sharing. Consider the combined years of hands on experience and it is easy to see why they will create distilled spirits that others can only dream of creating.


Vivacity Fine Vodka raises the bar on taste, quality, and drinkability.  One sip and you’ll realize how revolutionary craft distilling can be. The mouth feel is silky, the taste is rich, smooth and amazing.

Vivacity Vodka is made from corn and attention to details that preserve and showcase the raw beauty of the vodka.  Vivacity's complex distillation and filtering processes highlight all the nuances of this smooth taste which is backlit by a sophisticated finish. 80 Proof.


Bankers’ dry gin creates interest the old fashioned way.  It is made with a corn base and by handcrafting an effusion of herbs.  Then Vivacity bonds a cachet of botanicals, invest them with aroma, and endow them with a crisp citrusy flavor which is called Bankers’ gin by Vivacity. Give credit to Bankers’ Gin in the sense that the tried and true can also be original and delightful. 88 Proof.


Vivacity's Native Gin is redolent in fragrance and flavor due to the array of botanicals lovingly combine in this spirit. With seventeen herbs and spices, most of which are native to the PNW and two are even hand pick. Native gin provides a dynamic flavor profile and complements even the most complex cocktails. No matter how you drink it, Native Gin is unlike any other gin you’ve tasted.  Once you breathe it in and roll it around your mouth, it tastes so clean and “right”, you suddenly feel like you’ve just come home. 88 Proof.


Turkish Coffee has been heralded as the “milk of chess players and philosophers.”  We invite you to sip Vivacity's Turkish Coffee Liqueur, indulge in deep thought, luxuriate in lively conversation, and savor the richness of life. 50 Proof,.

Rich in flavor with vanilla, caramel, plus a hint of fruit tones and oak. True to the name, this smooth and delicious rum uses traditional fermentation and distillation recipes and processes. Vivacity Spirits Traditional Rum has been aged for over a year in both bourbon and neutral oak barrels to ensure the smooth flavor that only barrel aging can accomplish. Enjoy this neat, warming the glass with your hands to release the intoxication aromas, or on a hot summer day with just an ice cube. 85 Proof.


Vivacity Treos Brandy is a single vineyard brandy. Slow fermentation, expert distillation, and aging for 2 years in French oak gives Vivacity's Treos Brandy delightful vanilla and fruit aromas. Following European traditions, this single vineyard, barrel aged brandy originates as Treos Winery pinot noir. Their grapes grown on the south facing slopes of the airlie Hills, in the Willamette Valley, producing rich, complex wines. 85 Proof.

Muscat Brandy, a spirit with traditional roots in Peru and Chile. This brandy starts with the finest Muscat Grapes grown in the verdant Willamette Valley.  Maintaining the apple, lychee, and apricot notes of the fruit, this brandy is great for sipping or for those classic cocktails. 80 Proof.

Crafted with Vivacity’s award-winning Traditional Rum, infused with Oregon Cranberries, Oranges, and a touch of raw sugar. Whether sitting by a roaring fire or watching the sunset on the beach, Vivacity Cranberry Flavored Rum is an ideal blend for all seasons. 55 Proof.

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